From the New York Times: A Cancer Drug Shows Promise, at a Price That Many Can’t Pay

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From the New York Times: A Cancer Drug Shows Promise, at a Price That Many Can’t Pay

“Doctors are excited about the prospect of Avastin, a drug already widely used for colon cancer, as a crucial new treatment for breast and lung cancer, too. But doctors are cringing at the price the maker, Genentech, plans to charge for it: about $100,000 a year.”
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This is the same scenario for revlimid. Written off label for myloma, it costs three times as much as it does for MDS treatment since the dosage for MM is higher. And it makes the $100,000/year for avastin look like a bargain when Celgene charges $180,000/year for revlimid. This seems to be the trend for cancer drugs-price them so high that few can afford them or insurance can’t or won’t pay for them. In the meantime, people die.
Dave did get his first free revlimid today from the Expanded Access Program. We’ll get it free as long as we can so that we don’t burden our insurance company any more than we have to.

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  1. Bill Buckman

    I am not sure if I am doing this question right?? My wife has mds, Dr. has prescribed Revlimit 10 m 1 capsule per day. Our ins co has refused to pay, not on their list yet. I read a letter on this site, indicating their ins was paying. Could some one please tell me so me companys that will cover revlimid. I would like to be in contact with some other people taking Revlimid. this is my first time to post on this site ,sorry if i did it wrong. thanks Bill


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