Getting shocked

ColliebearI’m someone who has a problem with static electricity. No matter what time of year it is. I get shocked when I touch my mailbox, television, car door, or just about anything capable of carrying a charge. I don’t know why this is, or what can be done about it. I’m sure my dog & cat would like to have the problem solved.

My dog is still not home. I’ve had several calls from people sighting collies, but none of them has resulted in my finding my dog or any other. Calls have come from Southern Pines, Pinehurst and Aberdeen. Each time someone calls, I go to the area where the sighting occurred and conduct a search. In the ad I have running in the local paper, I ask people to try to detain her. Mostly, people just call to say they saw a collie a week ago or two days ago or two hours ago. I won’t give up looking. I’ll keep the ads running in the newspaper and keep the flyers up around town.