Going for number three

Pretty soon I’ll be having my third dose of Cytoxan for today. It looks like it says 2925 mg. I’ll have to ask, to be sure. I’ll also have my Ativan, and to help with a headache I have, some Tylenol.

The psychologist just stopped by to see me. I remember reading someplace that all the specialists who poke their heads in your hospital room door get to bill you a tidy sum for their visits. I’ll have to look at my bill to see what the charges are.

I’ll stop writing now, because I have a headache. It’s annoying, but not severe. I’ve found that the time lapse between asking for meds and getting them can be 1/2 hour to 45 minutes. I should have asked hours ago.


  1. marguerite

    Take good care. I have soooo much admiration for your courage.
    Marguerite from Ottawa

  2. carol

    Hang in there, Beth. Your positive attitude and sense of humour will help a lot. Just to let you know, my transplant was in January/06 and several months later I feel great. I play golf 3 times a week and treasure every single day.
    Carol from Fredericton, New Brunswick Canada

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