Had my first dose of Velcade today

I went to Dr. Peterson’s office for my first dose of Velcade. Joyce took a picture on my phone, but I have NO idea how to get it off of there. Nothing I’ve tried has worked. I’m going to be one of those people who has to go into the phone store to ask for help.

Before I had the Velcade, I had some saline, 10 mg of IV dex and some Aloxi. If you know me, you know that I make them do everything they can to make sure I don’t vomit. I have emetophobia, and, for me, vomiting is almost as bad as dying. If I feel icky, I have compazine and ativan here at home to take. I do have a headache. I think that’s from the Aloxi. I kind of have an acidy feeling in my stomach. I had that with Cytoxan. I think I’m really prone to that. Even Zometa gives me indigestion. Anyway, so far, there’s nothing to report. I’ll go back Friday for more Velcade and some Doxil. I’ll keep going for up to 8 cycles if it works.


  1. giantenzyme

    beth keep yr eye on that doxil.
    i don’t think hans thought much of it.

    chuck it if it proves to be a drag.

    brad tells me that nothing happened for him until he mixed velcade+dex+thalidomide. so keep this one in mind.
    (also,remember demitri with his velcade and artemisinin.

    hope the counts tumble down – joe

  2. minnesotadon

    I sure hope the Velcade works for you.


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