1. kjfrozen

    Hey Beth,
    First… Happy Thanksgiving! Kris here… from beautiful Oahu, Hawaii!

    I just wanted to write and ask you a question about my friend Janis. She just had her bone marrow aspiration done about a week and a half ago. They said prior to treatment, her bone marrow cancer was at 15%. She did the Thalidomide and the Dox (whatever… same thing you’ve been on). After her latest bone marrow aspiration, the doctor said her cancer was at 59%. They couldn’t do it when she was awake (the aspiration) because they couldn’t tell if they were in bone or not, so apparently the lightly sedated her and used an MRI or something to ensure they were getting into the bone.

    Any comments? I think her first bone marrow aspiration was done here last March or April, so it has been 6-7 months between the two… and the percentage of cancer has gone from 15% to 59%. Does this make any sense?

    Now they are going to try the Revlamid & Dex treatment. They are not going to try and do a bone marrow transplant at this time.

    At least her hypercalcemia seems to be in check for now… so that’s about the best thing she has going for her right now (the highest her calcium has been, was when the hospitalized her and she finally got an accurate diagnosis… at that time her calcium was all the way up to 17!).

    Needless to say… I worry about her and her prognosis. She is tentatively planning to move back to Hawaii by the end of December.

    Thanks Beth for any help or comments.
    – Kris
    (the ‘handle’ is because I lived in Alaska for 18 years before I moved to Hawaii).


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