As you know, I lost my hair after I had Cytoxan. Since then, I’ve been wearing a baseball cap to keep my head warm. Also, let’s face it. I look terrible bald. Here’s the thing though. I only have one hat. It’s getting dirty, and I need a replacement. Here’s my offer: Send me your company’s logo hat and send $25 (tax deductible) to the IMF, and I’ll wear the hat every day until I get another replacement! I’ll even post a picture so you can see your hat fulfilling its lifelong ambition of covering the head of a cancer patient. What more could a hat wish for? If your company wants to sponsor my bald head, please leave a comment for me and I’ll get in touch with you.


  1. Lopo

    You may reactivate this idea again :D

  2. karenc

    That is an EXCELLENT idea! I will mention it on my own blog.



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