Healing prayers

According to a recent article in Alternative Medicine magazine (What’s behind the power of prayer?, Sept. 2003, pp.66-70, 106-108.), there’s scientific evidence to show that prayer has healing potential. The article offers 4 suggestions (p. 70):

     1. Don't let "I'm not religious" thoughts stop you.
        You don't have to be religious to pray or meditate.  Meditation is as simple as silently
        repeating a mantra - a word or sound like "om," "one," or a chant - and focusing on the 
        in-and-out tide of breathing.  When your mind wanders, gently return to the mantra.
     2. Keep more formal prayers simple and loving.
        "Help!" counts as a prayer.  Or you might just ask God or a higher power to heal mind,
        body, and spirit.  When Catherine Karas, an energy healer based in New Jersey who 
        volunteers in an NIH study, prays, or meditates, for patients, she invokes energies
        and calls in "guides." And then, she says, "I surrender to a higher power for the highest
     3. Consider joining a group or congregation that prays.
        Not only can it help make prayer a regular part of your life, it's got solid scientific
        backing: In several studies, membership in such a community has been linked with good
     4. Make prayer or meditation a habit.
        Aim for at least 10 minutes twice a day, and don't just pray when you're sick or in
        trouble.  A steady practice of prayer can reduce stress, help prevent stress-related
        illness, and make it easier and more natural for you to pray when times are hard.


  1. Deborah

    I’m glad you’re still thinking along these lines.

  2. Randy Woollard

    Hello Beth: I have MM and am 46 years old. I was diagnoised in August 2002 at 95% involment cancer in my bone marrow. I am seeing Dr Hussien at the Cleveland Clinic. He has done wonders for me. Its a tough fight but we will win. I hope you mail me some time. Keep fighting Randy

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