I have hives again from Velcade. This time there are more, and they itch! When my sister called to ask if I wanted anything while she was out shopping, I asked her to get some Benedryl for me.

I???m watching ???Dirty Jobs??? on the Discovery Channel. I just love Mike Rowe.

I also really like ???The Worst Jobs in History,??? but I watch that more for the content, rather than the host. Tony Robinson is no match for Mike Rowe. If they had a fight, Mike would win. :)

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  1. thelimeusa


    I am the San Antonio guy caring for my wife Frances. When my wife was on Velcade she was taking Valtrex, Lyrica, and Levaquin? starting the 14th day. This seemed to take care of hives and infections.

    By the way, my wife saw Dr. Shaughnessy for harvest preparation.


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