Holiday weekend

The holiday weekend was relaxing. We grilled some chicken sausage and vegetables on the fourth. If you get the chance, try some Al Fresco chicken sausage — especially the teriyaki and ginger. They’re really good. I can’t speak for the other flavors. There’s one thing about this stuff that makes me cringe, and that’s the casing. Why does it have to be made of pork intestines? Even so, I loved this sausage. I just don’t understand how I can overlook the intestines. :) It’s just that good.

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  1. R. Unkefer

    At Whole Foods they sell some brands of chicken and lamb sausages that have lamb casings. This may or may not be better than pork, as far as health goes, but it sounds better! I would guess that somebody must make some sausages with some sort of vegetable-based casing, but I haven’t seen any. I saw some that said “collagen” casing, but I would think that would also be from animals–it didn’t specify where the collagen came from.

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