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I’m home now. I’ve been home since Friday evening. I feel pretty well, but very, very tired. My Hgb is low, for the first time since I’ve known I have myeloma. . It’s been borderline low, before, but only 11.3. Now it’s 9.3. For some, that seems good, I know, so I’m not complaining.

The thing that’s most annoying is the triple lumen catheter. I feel it there every waking minute. I supposed it will take some getting used to. The harvest is the 16th, so I have to put up with it until at least then, right?

Thanks, Emily, for visiting me in the hospital and bringing the Lifesavers. The little drawing was cute, too. I would expect no less from someone who carries crayons in her pocket. :)

Again, I want to thank Joyce for getting me there and getting me through it. I think it might have been too hard, had you not been there! Thank you!

And thanks to Kelly, Mary, Cathy, Karen and all the staff who were there to help along the way. Dr. T., I’m glad I got to meet you.

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  1. carol

    You should get use to the catheter,Beth. If it bothers you (if it hurts) get someone to check it for you. Emotionally, it can be a “downer” but believe me it beats getting stuck with needles all the time or the “search to find a vein”. I didn’t get rid of it until the transplant was over and I’m glad I didn’t!
    Keep smiling!

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