How Molecules Out Of Balance Lead To Human Multiple Myeloma And Other Cancers

ScienceDaily (2008-07-28) — An international team of scientists has identified processes that are heavily implicated in human multiple myeloma and other B cell cancers, moving us closer to developing quick tests and readouts that could help in the tailored treatment of patients.

“We already know that the over-expression or mutation of molecules known as NIK and TRAF3 in B cells is associated with human multiple myeloma,” said Professor Mackay. “Our collaborative research uncovered two distinct processes involving these molecules that help explain why.”


  1. P Anand Raj

    Hi friend…. I am from Chennai, India.. and presently doing my Post Graduate in Biochemistry. At present i am doing my short project on MM. As it is rare in India…, i wont get any case to study… however, a few case i got… Still i wanted to know elaporately if you have any specific (i have your diagnosd report too…!!!) case pls do inform and the link from where i get..

    Thanking you.

    P Anand Raj.

  2. Margaret

    Hey, I am glad to see I am not the only one to read Science Daily. ;-) But I haven’t read it in the past week or so, so I missed this article. Interesting! Thanks for posting about it.

    Florence, Italy


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