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Before I got cancer, I made sure I had an AFLAC cancer policy. They’ve been great, and I recommend that everyone who is planning on having cancer  enrolls in one of their plans before getting it.  The trouble is, you don’t know if/when you might get cancer, so you better just plan for it. Expect the worst and hope for the best, some say.

I filed my claim for 2008 a week or so ago and was really surprised when I received a check in the mail for $4600. Something wasn’t right.  It should have been $900. I’ve been filing these claims for years, so I knew a mistake had been made.  I picked up the phone and called AFLAC. They’re going to investigate it and will send a letter when they figure out what happened.  Wouldn’t it be nice if they said it was a reward for making it 6 years with myeloma?

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  1. brenda cuffy

    i want to thank AFLAC THEY HAVE been a life saver during my surgery don’t know what i would have done without them they are very professional on the phone and caring thank you.

  2. Jacqueline Martz

    We want to thank you very, very much for the check. It has helped us immensely with the medical bills that medicare didn’t pay. My husband is doing fine and if there are no signs of cancer in 6 months they will start reconstruction of his nose and upper lip. Thanks again. John and Jacqueline Martz

  3. Angela

    I just posted on my website about my love of Aflac. I do not have the cancer policy but know that it is something I should consider. I had the hospital policies during my pregnancies and we use the accident policy regularly (2 small kids & 2 parents with bad backs). It is worth every penny we spend.

  4. Deana Hilpert

    Aflac was a life saver I am so happy that I have aflac ICU policy Everyone need aflac ICU policy. It help me to pay the different on hospital bill when my insurance only pay 80%.

  5. Debbie

    I wish my experience were as fullfilling as others. My nephew died of cancer in 2010 and a coworker lost her husband to brain cancer. After that I had decided I wanted to get a cancer policy. Our agent never showed up for the open enrollment date she had said she would be there for. A couple of months later, one of my employees had a question about her dental. While she had our agent on the phone I had her tell her that we still was no open enrollment. Still no agent. A couple of months later she showed up at the store, with a list of personal problems why she did not show. A couple of weeks later she finally showed up for enrollment. I have been with aflac for ten years and in the mean time had everyone signing up for the cancer policy. Well about one week shy of a month, I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I wrote aflac and asked them to defer the month waiting period as I would have had the policy a lot sooner if not for the agent. It has been under internal review since Dec. 3, 2010 and it is currently Feb 9, 2011 with no answer.

    • Beth

      A very similar situation for me, too. Crappy initial agent who didn’t do what he was supposed to do. We’ve actually had two since then. The middle one was good. The one we have now was a no-show as well, on enrollment day. Somehow though, we got me covered for my first event in time.

  6. Sandra Hensley

    Thank you for the check you sent me. I’ve had AFLAC for twenty years and used it one time for my husband you were there when my hus band had his cancer and if it comes back we can count on you. It was a big surprise! Sandra Hensley

    • Beth

      I just want to make it clear that I don’t have any affiliation with AFLAC, nor did I send anyone a check. I’m just another AFLAC customer who also received benefits from my cancer policy. They’re great!

  7. Barbara Saucier

    I had a heartattack in may of 2005 and Aflac was right there when i needed them. They never hesitated to pay then in 2008 I was dignoised with incurable breast cancer stage 4. Aflac once again has been there by my side paying for everything I had insurance for. I have told a lot of people about Aflac and how they do not jurk you around when it comes time to pay. I would have lost my house if it hadn’t been for Aflac. Since then my cancer is in remmission. And Aflac is still with me by my side helping with the finances.

  8. charles

    I am so happy I got aflac they r a life saver I got hurt on my job and can not work they took care of me everyone should get aflac thank u so much 4 being there 4 me menber 4 life charles

  9. charles

    4 me aflac was a life saver I am so happy that I have aflac they. R a life saver. 4 me in my time of need when I got hurt on my job a life saver everyone need aflac get it

  10. Bruce Schoon

    Jennifer Wick and Denice Fisher have been so professional, friendly and most of all they truly cared about my surgery

  11. Shawn Torres

    Thank you so much for your positive reinforcement on how AFLAC is there to help financially policyholders when unexpected life events happen that could financially devistate us. That is why I love to provide AFLAC to everyone and every business. It makes it a fantastic opportunity for employees through their company and payroll deduction but it is a value at any way you can purchase the coverage. If there is anyone who wants a quote, I am the girl to call. Thank you again.
    440-823-1255 or shawn_torres@us.aflac.com

  12. Beth

    Cameron, I tell everyone I know about AFLAC and suggest that they get the cancer policy. I’d be a lot poorer were it not for the decision I made to enroll at work. There have been bumpy places along the way. But, for the most part, it’s been good. I found out that having a good rep really helps a lot. I have even had the help of a rep from another state (friend of a friend) when I needed to find out how to file a claim after my stem cell transplant.

  13. Cameron

    I see your poll above and don’t even know what to say. Sometimes blessings come in the form of what we call ‘errors’, or it could be just that. I suppose you’ll find out soon. I’d love to be able to post a testimony about your experiences with Myeloma and Aflac of yours on my site. You seem to have a lot to share.


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