IgA is down again

My IgA was 676 mg/dL as reported by the lab at UNC today. That’s down almost 300 mg/dL from last month (964). It continues to move in the right direction. My doctor said that he has people who have done Velcade & Doxil who have gotten 2 year remissions from it.


  1. cdfchief

    Did I ever send you a photo of my hives when I was on Velcade in 6/2003?
    My oncology nurse hit me with decadron and antihistamine, both infused. Reduced the hives right away. She pretreated with this combo before I received Velcade each time after that. I only took it for 2 months prior to auto pscts.

    Sounds like the doxil and velcade are working for you. Good.

    Eric Vogt

  2. minnesotadon

    According to my lab, 450 is the top of the normal range for IgA. You’re getting close! Go Beth!

  3. Jude

    A 2 year remission sounds wonderful. I complete cycle 5 dose tomorrow. The only worrisome side effect is an increase in the Alkaline Phosphotase level (190) and labs have ruled out the liver so it has to be bones.


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