IgA Turns Around

I had blood drawn on April 26th and saw th report today. The last one was discouraging, but I was reminded not to panic until we saw a trend. This time, it’s down. The m-spike(s) are a tiny bit lower, too.
IgG: 350 mg/dL (range: 694-1618) Low — 375 on April 8
IgA: 876 mg/dL (range: 68-378) High — 1080 on April 8
IgM: 35 mg/dL (range: 60-263) Low — 23 on April 8
M-spikes: 0.35 g/dL and 0.10 g/dL (no m-spike is normal) — 0.44 and 0.13 last time

I wonder if there’s any way the April 8th test was elevated because of the virus that caused my shingles?

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