International Myeloma Foundation’s 3rd Annual Comedy Celebration for the Peter Boyle Memorial Fund

Ray Romano hosted the IMF’s third annual Comedy Celebration for the Peter Boyle Memorial Fund a few days ago. I’m so glad to see the IMF getting these big names to help raise money for research. Every life lost to myeloma is an important one, which is why these people are giving their time and lending their names to this cause. Read more at

I really respect and admire the people at the IMF.  I’ve been to three of the patient and family seminars and recommend them to anyone I meet who has myeloma or cares for someone with myeloma.  I hope you’ll make a contribution so the IMF can find a cure and continue to educate patients and their families.


  1. JoAnne Gunther

    My husband Bill Gunther died of MM March 1, 2009 after an 8 year battle. I am planning a fundraising event on April 10, 2010, “Fishing for a Cure” to honor Bill a man who touched many during his life. Bill lived a life of hope that someday a cure for Myeloma would be made. The International Myeloma Foundation enabled Bill to make informed treatment decisions and to live that life of hope. The IMF provided the emotional support we needed throughout Bill’s illness. All proceeds from this event will go to IMF. Check out my web page on International Myeloma website.

  2. Mary T

    I just lost my brother to multiple myeloma – or more correctly the many co-occurring ailments. He was a pilot (air force and commercial) for 40 odd years. He was certain that there was a connection between the disease and the fact that he’d spent all of those years in higher atmospheres exposed to increased radiation. The cockpit is less protected than an air plane cabin. Has anyone heard of increased risk for pilots?


    • Beth

      I’m so sorry about your brother. How long did he have myeloma?

      There seem to be quite a few people connected to aviation who get myeloma. Some people think it had to do with jet fuel. You could probably find some connections on the mailing lists if you’re interested.

  3. Sidney Hider

    Your comment: ” I really respect and admire the people at the IMF.”
    Totally agree, the key word in IMF is international.
    I live in New Zealand, way down the bottom of the world to the east of Australia and IMF is a great source of information for me.


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