Invasion of the kittens


The Animal Advocates of Moore County (AAMC) did a huge favor for me.  In February, a cat started hanging around my house. It was pretty cold, and I felt bad for her.  I started feeding her and tried to coax her into the house.  I finally tricked her into coming into the house on her own.  I called AAMC to see if they knew of anyone who was missing their cat.  She was extremely sweet and a beautiful cat.  Someone came to get her, and she was taken to a vet to be checked over.  She was such a great cat that I decided to keep her.

About a month after her arrival, Peeps developed paralysis in her back legs. I took her to a few vets to see what could be done for her. They had me convinced that she’d never recover and we’d eventually have to have her euthanized. It was heartbreaking. I emailed AAMC to find out if anyone there had any experience with paralysis in a cat. Barb, from AAMC, actually came to my house and picked her up to take her to their vet!  She then kept her for a few weeks while Peeps underwent treatment with steroids (yuck). Peeps was able to walk when she got home!  So, I owe AAMC big time.

Today I received a couple of mother cats and their litters of kittens.  I think there are 7 kittens.  I’d have to count to be sure. I’ll keep them here until homes are found for them all. Fostering these cats is the least I can do to try to repay the folks at AAMC.

Would you like to adopt a kitten?
Would you like to adopt a kitten?


  1. Laura

    I am looking for a short haired small/medium sized,(as an adult), kitten/young cat, preferably black/gray/white mix–either male or female, neutered, that will adapt to living between our cottage in Pinehurst, and our townhouse in Raleigh. He/she will have to be adaptable to traveling in a car every week, and to living with a very passive, gentle neutered male Irish Jack Russell terrier. This will be an indoor cat initially.
    I would love to have an Australian Mist cat, but have had no luck locating this breed in the US.

  2. nicole

    i am looking for a kitten for our new house. i had a cat when i lived with my mother but i could not take him away from my mom’s other cat cuz they are such good friends. our new home is so lonely with out a pet. can you send me pictures of the kittens you have available?

    • Beth

      Hi Nicole,

      The kittens went to the Animal Advocates of Moore County for homes to be found for them. I was just fostering them for a while. Are you in or near Moore County, NC?


  3. Margaret

    Ah, Beth, this is more proof of what a wonderful person you are! :-) I have four cats of my own, two of which were rescued from certain death (they were abandoned on our street; the other two lived in neighboring gardens and might have been ok, but are certainly better off in our home)…
    I have always wanted to volunteer at the local cat shelter, but I am sure I would begin adopting a million cats, especially ones with problems, and that would not be possible for us at this point…so I have to stay away from temptation. We do contribute whatever we can spare to the cat shelter every year.
    Anyway, good luck with those kittens. I hope they are adopted by wonderful caring people.

    • Beth

      I love them! I don’t know if I’ll have time for anything else now. It’s too much fun watching them play. I want to set up a kitty-cam. I’ll let you know as soon as I figure out how to do it!

  4. Janet


    Cats are so great at bringing some happiness into our lives. Bless you for giving these a home. I have one now that I adopted from the neighbors last year. They travel to Arizona for the winter and he just did not travel well. The two cats I had for 12+ years both got sick about the same time I did. One had liver problems and the other had lymphoma. I miss them both.

    Enjoy the kittens and I hope you can find them good homes soon.


    • Pat Killingsworth

      Good for you! Cats are wonderful. Seems we have a lot in common. I recently completed a one year term as president of our county’s humane society. We have 7 rescued cats. Love them all but that is a lot of fur and kitty litter! Pat

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