Jay Bradner: Open-source cancer research

Hey! Run, do not walk, over to Margaret’s blog now and read about the work of Jay Bradner, who just may have figured out a way to stop myeloma dead in its tracks. After watching the video below, I started wishing I was a mouse!   (The video has since stopped working.  Apologies for that!)


  1. Chet David Mrha

    He has had many different kinds of cancer and after reading the side effects he didnt want to do the treatment and I agreed. I work for one of the major pharmaceutical company’s and I work in the oncology area. He was getting treatment for skin cancer for the third time and on last friday he fell and broke his hip. They did a full transplant and it was then when they found he had MM. I know him, he is retired Air Force and set in his ways. IF this new treatment was approved by the FDA now I could talk him into doing it. The few other drugs, have to many side effects and him being 81 would rather live out his life. I am worried that if we dont get any treatment it will get even worse for him, more broken bones, not being able to work on the farm, the things he loves most in this life.

    • Beth

      If you are on facebook, join our group > https://www.facebook.com/groups/108654495840465/ There are loads of people on here using supplements and having some luck. Of course we can’t know for sure, but people are staying stable maybe because of them.

      Also, my least harmful treatment was Velcade. I would do it again as soon as I needed treatment. It had very few side effects for me, and I didn;t feel sick or anything. They even can administer it via subcutaneous injection now.

  2. Chet David Mrha

    Can patients use this new treatment today? My Grandfather which is my best friend has myeloma and the Army base wanted to start treatments with Zometa but we have not done it because of the side effects. Please let me know.

    Thank you for all you are doing.

    I am also a cancer Survivor of Leukemia

    Thank you,
    Chet David Mrha

    • Beth

      Well, it’s really still in a very early theoretical stage. They’ve just done testing on some mice. I wish they were farther ahead. What side effects are you mist worried about? Does your grandfather have any symptoms?

  3. Nancy

    Happy to see there is a drug to test on volunteers soon. My husband was diagnosed with MM a few months ago. We are in financial destitution and pretty bummed to find out he has genetic markers that may prevent him from getting a transplant of bone marrow. I wonder how fast the drug would be available-especially since he may only have a few years left.. We are looking online to find a source for a Dr. who specializes in bone problems because Neal has a mass with lesions on his spine that is very painful that so far is only being treated with the chemo drugs. I saw a video of a treatment where they shoot a substance right into the lesion to strengthen the bone . Where do we sign up?!


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