I have two juicers now. The first one I got was a Juiceman Junior. I got it from Walmart for about $60. I also have a Miracle Millennium MJ 2000, which was a bit more expensive – $165.00 (yeah, more than the online price!).

Both machines do the job, but the Millennium gets more juice out of the fruits and veggies. The pulp that’s expelled is much drier. The Juiceman is actually easier to clean. It has fewer small places for stuff to get trapped. I put all the plastic parts in the dishwasher. One reason I got another juicer is because I hate the tedium of cleaning them, and on days when I want to make juice more than once, it’s easier for me.

My favorite morning juice is a combination of orange, grapefruit and carrot. Then I pour it into a blender with some vanilla soy milk and a scoop of Immunopower powder. It’s great. Sometimes I add pear or apple too.

My favorite “green” juice is a combination of celery, tomato, spinach, garlic and sometimes cucumber. I always try to use organic when I can. Sometimes I add carrot to that too.

When you make juice, it’s important to drink it right away. Don’t let it sit!

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