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On Tuesday, I went to UNC with a friend. We often ride together, since we see the same doctor. I asked for a printout of may lab results, and here it is.

Test Name                Result     Flag     Units     Range
IGG, Serum               347        L        MG/DL     600-1700
IGM, Serum               <25        L        MG/DL     35-290
IGA, Serum               676        H        MG/DL     40-400
SPE Interpretation      The SPE pattern demonstrates a
single band of restricted mobility in the gamma region, which
may represent monoclonal protein.
Total Protein, SPE      7.5                 G/DL      6.6-8.0
Immunofix, Serum     Monoclonal component typed as IgA Lambda.
Concentration of monoclonal protein determined
by serum protein electrophoresis is 0.7 g/dL.
Kappa Free, Serum     <0.30      L        MG/DL     0.33-1.94
Lambda Free, Serum   1.29                MG/DL     0.57-2.63
K/L FLC Ratio             Unable to calculate the ratio due to a free light chain
concentration that is too low to accurately quantify.

After my friend’s appointment, we left, and were in the parking garage when she got a call on her cell phone from the doctor. He asked her to come back so she could be admitted. Her creatinine level had risen to 4.4 mg/dL! She has spent the last few days in the hospital at UNC, undergoing tests and receiving IV normal saline. Tomorrow is a kidney biopsy. It’s likely she’ll be able to go home on Saturday. We all hope her kidneys will recover quickly.

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  1. minnesotadon

    So looking back in your blogs:

    Date IgA Spikes
    12/20/06 2116 1.20 0.40
    01/31/07 1350 0.75 0.32
    02/25/07 964 0.40
    03/20/07 676

    The scanned-in lab report doesn’t show the spike for 3/20. But what is interesting is that the IgA decreases by about 30% to 35% each time. The biggest drop, percentagewise, was between 12/20 and 1/31, but that was also the longest interval, assuming I have the dates about right. Anyway, you seem to have the myeloma on the run!

    If the high range for IgA is 400, you should be well under that in two more intervals. Go Beth!!!

    I’d love to know where “spike” is in those latest labs.


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