Lab results after first cycle of Velcade + Doxil

Here are the before and after lab results. They’re from different labs, so they’re like comparing green apples to red apples, but there’s enough of a difference to indicate that Velcade + Doxil is working for me. Next time, the blood will be sent to Horizon.

12/20/2006 (Quest)
Total protein: 8.3 g/dL (ref range: 6.0-8.3 g/dL)
M-spike 1: 1.2 g/dL
M-spike 2: 0.4 g/dL
IgA: 2116 mg/dL (ref range: 81-463 mg/dL)

1/31/2007 (Horizon)
Total protein: 7.6 g/dL (ref range: 6.0-8.3 g/dL)
M-spike 1: 0.75 g/dL
M-spike 2: 0.32 g/dL
IgA: 1350 mg/dL (ref range: 68-378 g/dL)
IgG: 354 mg/dL (ref range: 694-1618 g/dL)
IgM: 21 mg/dL (ref range: 60-263 mg/dL)


  1. Jude

    Hey Beth, Congrats! I’m starting cycle 4 day 1 on just Velcade. I’ve had pretty much the same response as you. I had Velcade + Doxil for a trial in late 2005 and had CR after 3 cycles. I wonder if the terrific response has anything to do with IgA or? My platelets are starting to come back up, Hgb is drifting down but IgA has gone from 3160 to 810 in 2 1/2 months! Revlimid, followed by the XL999 almost killed me. Velcade has salvaged my bone marrow.

  2. CarolW

    ATTENTION PLEASE…I meant to note that for any of you new to velcade (we have done 6 cycles) velcade can cause a severe drop in blood pressure and make you very dizzy, if you experience this problem,if OK with doctor increase salt intake or in Robert’s case he is taking FLORINEF 0.1mg Also for any of you that have a real low after dex we have found that RITALIN 5MG once or twice daily for a couple of days help. Have a blessed day. Carol

  3. CarolW

    Love this site! My name is Carol Whatley, I live in LaGrange, GA. My husband Robert is 55 and was dx with MM in Oct 03 and sct May 04, currently on velcade/dex IV and revlimid. I was concerned that perhaps your recent h/a may have been from something that you were given for nausea. Robert had a severe h/a after zofran (?) and now takes his dex IV to help prevent nausea along with oral ativan as needed. Keep up the good job, we are really cheering for you! Carol

  4. cboler

    Beth, that’s great. The Velcade is realy doing the trick. Keep on girl. Velcade is working for Howard to. His IGA dropped from 4800 to 2900 this month. We’re still heading for the SCT since his numbers have been so volatile. KEEP IT UP GIRL.

  5. Gina

    WOW! HAPPY for you. Do you FEEL better? How are side effects for you now? Green, red – let’s make a celebration apple pie! IgA under 1000 is remission – go girl!

  6. henk

    Good to read that you are having positive results with your medication. I’m day 31 and I’m well but not much energy. My counts are on the threshold of normal so that’s good too.

    Kind Regards


  7. minnesotadon

    Wow, that’s a pretty significant decrease for just a little over a month of treatment. I’m thinking that the SPEP results may be comparable between the labs because they have the same reference range for the total, and that biggest spike is the marker that dropped the most. Good for you! Go away SCT!


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