Last CBC

Today I had my last CBC before going in for the harvest on Monday morning. I feel ok, but my counts are all lower than ever.

Result Unit Ref range
WBC 0.4 x10^3/uL 4.5 – 10.5
Hgb 9.4 g/dL 11.0 – 18.0
Plt 63.0 x10^3/uL 150 – 450
RBC 3.46 x10^6/uL 4.00 – 6.00

Cytoxan is powerful stuff, eh?

I took the staff at my oncologist’s office some treats today. They’ve been so nice that I wanted to reward them somehow. The treats are not on the neutropenic diet though, so I was unable to sample. :( Oh well, if all goes as planned, there will be plenty of time for that later on.


  1. carol

    Good luck, Beth! I know you’ll come through this just fine. You are constantly in our thoughts.

  2. tk

    What’s a neutropenic diet?

  3. tk

    Hi Beth,

    Good luck and hoping for a massive collection for you in one shot.


  4. kgonza

    Good luck on your treatments. Attitude is everything. My husband was diagnosed in 1999 with Multiple Myeloma. He had radiation, chemo and a autologus stem cell transplant in 2001. He was 35 when he was diagnosed. He is doing great and no signs of myeloma since. He was treated at H Lee Moffitt Center in Tampa Florida. They were wonderful I hope you get the best of care also.

  5. papasairplane

    Ms. Morgan,
    I’ve been meaning to leave a comment for 3 years. My precious father had MM, dx in June 2002. I read (previoulsy) your blog often for information and support. I felt you were a friend even though you never knew me. I wanted to say thank you for everything and I am excited for your new treatments. I don’t know why I am doing this now..but peace to you and thanks for all you do.



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