I have all my xray/MRI/CT scan films in my possession to take along with me to my appointments with various doctors. Today I pulled out some xrays done in March in Pinehurst to see what I could see. I was just curious. I have a great deal of pain in the right sacral area, and I wanted to look at that. What caught my eye was a film of the right humerus. There were red circles around 2 dark spots on the bone. I compared them to text book images, and they sure do look like small lesions. I’ll consult with Dr. Richardson about these when I see him in less than 2 weeks in Boston at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. In any case, I was not told about the possibility that I may have some lesions. This is one reason I am changing local oncologists. I have to beg for information! When I asked the Dr. about the xrays back in March, he said something like, “I don’t remember seeing anything unusual.” I should have asked to him to go check for sure, but just accepted that as an all clear. I really can’t assume anything. Every test has to be followed up on! I’ll be getting a copy of my file to take with me to DFCI in Boston and to Dr. Orlowski at UNC, so I’ll get to see everything that’s been withheld from me so far.