Major confusion!

Today I went for a Zometa infusion, thinking it was Thursday. I checked in and got my infusion. Nobody said a word. I drove home and preapred to go for an MRI, still believing it’s Thursday. Luckily, my sister called me. Somehow, the day of the week came up, and I was told that today is Wednesday! It would have been interesting to see see if I had gotten in for the MRI too! I have done things like this before. I have been a day late for appointments or a few hours off. It hasn’t happened very often, but usually I’m allowed to keep the new appointment I made for myself. :) I had the added bonus of the nurse where I get my Zometa telling me I look terrible.

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  1. patpatpat

    Hi……..just wondering how long you have been on zometa. I am a little concerned about the possibility of the jaw condition after longterm use.


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