Meditation is good for us, studies have shown. How does one meditate? I had no clue, so I did some searching on the web. I found a guided meditation that relaxes me HERE


There’s a short article in the latest issue of Vegetarian Times magazine that reports the findings of a UW Madison study done on the effects of meditation on the immune system. What the researchers did, was have 25 participants engage in an 8 week meditation training program (16 people in another group did not meditate). After the 8 weeks, the participants were given a flu vaccine. Based on a study of the participants’ blood, those who meditated had a higher level of resistance to the flu and had better immune function.

I think there’s no argument that we all possess some ability to influence our health through things like meditation. It’s well documented that depression can adversely affect one’s health. The mind does have a big role in keeping us well or helping us heal.

I haven’t done anything with meditation. I have just used some hypnosis and guided visual imagery over the past several months. I thought it was time to try meditation. Since I have a limited attention span due to drugs and can’t seem to get past the first paragraph of any book, I chose an audible book so I can try to learn how to meditate. I bought The Beginner’s Guide to Meditation, by Shinzen Young.


  1. Beth

    Acupuncture is also useful for neuropathy for some folks. In addition, there are studies taking place to investigate the neuroprotective activity in marijuana.

  2. Deb

    This sounds good. I’m going to send this to a friend who has just been diagnosed with a hereditary disease that causes problems with walking and feeling in the legs.

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