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I got this message from a blog reader, Earl.  I wanted to share it.


Here is my story concerning my reversal of a pre-cancerous prostate, called high grade PIN.
On January 3, 2002 I had a PSA level of 4.6 indicating my prostate was in trouble. I went to a Urologist, he took a biopsy, I had a pre-cancerous prostate ( which means I did not have cancer, however 70 % of high grade PIN patients go to full blown prostate cancer within a year). I had all the ingredients that were suppose to lead to prostate cancer ( abnormal cells galore). The doctor said "only" that we will have to watch it. I didn’t like the answer so I said I will do more than watch, I will fix it. I went on the on the Internet and researched the "alternative health solutions"  to fixing the problem. I did so and applied the information. I had a biopsy in mid August of 2007; the biopsy showed no traces what so ever of the pre- cancerous cells! The Urologists believed I had changed the structure of my bad pre-cancerous cells back to normal.
Here is what I did. First let me speak briefly about curcumin.It is the new "alternative health hope" for MM. My wife passed away from MM 10 years ago. I started taking it several months ago. Two things became apparent to me recently. My C reactive protein count ( CRP) is .2 as of a reading I obtained  last week ( after taking curcumin) and my Triglycerides were 71, over a (30) point drop from my last reading. Why is that important? Inflammation seems to be a big factor in cancer and therefore MM as well. I am not a doctor and cannot speak in technical terms nor provide scientific evidence of results occurring in my body. I can only speak  anecdotally. I took the CRP test to determine  my risk for heart attacks; I learned below 1 is low risk; between 1-3 is a moderate risk; between 3-10 is high risk. I was reading a blog about MM and a man was suggesting CRP is very relevant to cancer and MM. So my CRP reading was VERY GOOD to say the least. However there is more to my story and other factors that might have made my CRP go down as well.
Briefly, my program to get rid of my pre-cancerous prostate was/is the following: I lost 25 lbs and maintained the weight loss. I went to a diet of ALL organic foods, no read meat (chicken and fish instead), stopped drinking and smoking, walked every day, bought a vita mix and juiced up to 50 ounces plus every day, with few exceptions, of "vegetables only." I occasionally had fruit but in much lower amounts due to the sugar content. I ate two table spoonfuls of "ground flaxseed". I had a table spoonful of cod liver oiI, had 3 oz. of Noni juice, 1000 grams of vitamin C; Saw Pallmento, selenium, Zinc, 600 mg of NAC (N acycetal cysteine),  tomato soup daily, bought a purifier for my faucet,  WAS EXTREMELY DISCIPLINED and did not deviate. Why? I was scared I was going to die.
I used broccoli, kale, parsley,carrots,  and cabbage (red) mixed with water. My taking curcumin (mixed with heated olive oil) must be taken in context with the above information.
Anyone reading this might correctly conclude this guy is a bit over the edge; I can understand that conclusion. However, I made a choice to live and go through some sacrifices for awhile…… worked. My life style change caused all kinds of other good things to happen to my body…….need less to say, I really feel good. It was a wake up call for me. I hope this information can help someone……I know the fear of cancer. What I learned through my experience gave "me control"……I could actually do something about my body to make it better. When the doctor said we should "watch the high grade PIN" ……..initially I felt hopeless. Then I took control; unfortunately or fortunately, you have to do "it" yourself………place it in your mind and do it.
I truly hope this information will help others. Always believe you can do it……..if you think you can , you can….if you think you can’t , you can’t.

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  1. Margaret

    Thanks for posting Earl’s story, Beth. I will link to it from my blog, too. There are so many different types of cancer (of myeloma even!), but the more I read the more I find common threads among many of them. For instance, C-reactive protein, as Earl mentions, is important for myeloma, too. And there are natural ways to keep it under control. This is just ONE example of all the things we can do to slow or even stop (!) the progression of our cancer.
    I have always hated the expression “you have to wait until the other shoe drops off.” A few MM patients use it, too. Very negative! But that is what doctors tell you. More than two years ago I was told by different MM specialists that there was NOTHING I could do even just to slow down the progression from benign MGUS to malignant MM. Even though at the time I hadn’t yet done any research and didn’t know any better, I still felt that that didn’t make any sense. Today, after countless hours of research, I can safely declare: hogwash! The shoe-dropping attitude is so no way to help you deal with cancer. On the contrary, you must take charge and DO something. It took me quite a while to figure that out, and I am still struggling with diet issues, since I love some foods that aren’t good for me, and I KNOW it. Anyway, this is a very complicated issue, I will stop here. Good for you, Earl! Very inspiring story, thanks for sharing it.
    Florence, Italy


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