Meteor Shower

I saw three tonight!

TAURIDS (very broad maximum in early November) (radiant drift map from IMO)

Moon: Waxing crescent to waxing gibbous (minor to moderate interference)

Best viewing window: Between 11pm and 2am local standard time on any night in early November; late October may be productive as well.

Recommended for: Observers who don’t mind seeing low rates in exchange for the possibility of a spectacular fireball or two.

The Taurids produce maximum rates of about 5-10/hour. The shower has a complex double radiant. For 2005, it has been suggested that there may be an increase in the number of bright and/or fireball-class Taurids. Taurids are rather slow meteors; bright ones are often vividly colored and may be spectacular. Usually, they are noticed casually while undertaking other observations. This year’s display may or may not be worth watching in and of itself; the Taurids are included here to give fair warning.

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