Modern dentistry

I had an appointment with my dentist this morning and this is what greeted me outside the entrance. They must have had a difficult patient today.

My dentist in pinehurst, NC


  1. minnesotadon

    Maybe they’re just too busy for any new patients …

  2. Sandy Banks

    Or perhaps a difficult tooth… very deep root canal? Ouch!! Thanks for sharing that image.

  3. Margaret

    Wowie! I just hope your dentist didn’t have to use an ancient tooth extraction instrument on you as well! ;-)
    A couple of summers ago, during our summer holiday in Burgundy, France, we visited the gorgeous XV-century Hotel-Dieu, which is now a museum in the town of Beaune but, until quite recently (!), was a hospital for the poor and needy. Anyway, I was mesmerized by a display of XV century surgical instruments…incredibly scary stuff…made me very grateful not to have been born back then! ;-)


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