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Most of us need to find reasons to spend more time on facebook, so Margaret and I have come up with a facebook group for myeloma patients, caregivers, friends, family and others.

From Margaret’s blog:

  • And finally, as if we weren’t busy enough!, day before yesterday a friend and I decided to create a Multiple Myeloma Support Group on Facebook. It’s a private support group (that is, FB users who are not group members cannot read anything we write)…so, if you belong to FB, please join us! The group was created less than 48 hours ago, and we already have 74 members… By the way, this group is intended mainly for myeloma, SMM and MGUS folks and caregivers, but other cancer patients are welcome, too. Click on:!/group.php?gid=108654495840465 (I hope the link works…please let me know if it doesn’t). Then click on “Request to join.” If your membership request doesn’t get approved immediately, that simply means that Beth and I aren’t online, so please be patient. Anyway, until there is a cure, we need to provide support for one another…and also exchange useful information about both conventional and alternative treatments, with a bit of humor sprinkled around, whenever possible…!
  • While you are at it, you can also become a fan of my blog on FB:!/pages/Margarets-Corner-Living-with-smoldering-myeloma/312414599519?ref=ts

Please join us there. Stop in and say hello!

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  1. John Fila

    Learned I have MM in April of this year. Went on a holiday to Germany and Philadelphia to see family and got sick when I returned to Australia. From good health one day to MM was to say the least a shock. Am going into hospital for a stem cell transplant late December. Have come to terms with the cards I have been dealt, never been sick in my life so this is a whole new experience. In my other life i took a vitamin once a day and now pills and more pills. But the positive is I do not have any pain and every day that there is no pain is a good day. Last visit to the specialist came back with almost normal blood levels compared to previous visits where they were all high. I have done a lot of research and I know I need to take control of my file as it is my life. Thanks for listening to my rave, had my chemo and Dex this morning.


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