More surgery

Mom had surgery last week. A lumpectomy, which was intended to remedy DCIS and prepare her for radiation. However, on Monday, the surgeon’s nurse called and let her know that there was more cancer in the margins and that a mastectomy was in order. I don’t disagree with that. It seems the safest thing to do for the long term. But I want my mom to get a second opinion about what should be happening in the future. I think mom needs to be cared for in the long run by a specialist. I found someone at UNC, and the doctor there even called mom at home to see if she had any questions! Mom is shutting us down every time we bring this up. :(

In my own experience with cancer (albeit a different kind), I’ve learned that your health is in your own hands. You get out of healthcare what you put into it. Nothing more, unless you’re EXTREMELY lucky. I’ve seen so many examples of people putting their trust in doctors and nurses and then having nothing but heartbreak when the staff doesn’t care as much as one would think they should. Everyone needs to be active in every aspect of his or her own healthcare. This applies whether you have a disease or are healthy.

Anyway, please send some good enegry out to my mom so she can get through this. Help her to see how it could really help her to go to a specialist!