Most Haunted Live

I usually don’t watch stuff like this, but I’m tuned in to the Travel Channel to see “Most Haunted Live.” It’s a seven hour live “Most Haunted” marathon. Let’s just say that I’m skeptical. When I was at the Travel Channel, Sue Norton, executive producer, asked us to watch.  So I am.  I even brought a poster back with me to put in our window on SW Broad Street.

Speaking of haunting, I’m going to be at the Inn at the Bryant House tomorrow to shoot some video. The Inn is possibly haunted. :)  We’ll see.  There have been reports of disembodied voices being heard and other such things.  I’ll let you know more about it after I get back.


  1. Grace

    I’m more a Ghost Hunters fan, myself. They will be live on Halloween. And I never knew about Bryant House!

  2. Ally

    I absolutely LOVE most haunted.. I like that they try to figure out that the noises come from other things… I like the original mediums though… these new guys are ok but the originals David and the other guy (I cant think of his name right now) really were the best.. What happened to them? I have watched the other haunting shows and they all seem so fake and so wanting to disprove that it doesnt allow the idea that there actually could be hauntings. I dont want to believe that when we die we absolutely disappear.. I just dont. BUT I LOVE THIS SHOW, I like the history part of it… and the ability to travel without getting on a plane.. The cast is great just bring back the old mediums… Great show.

  3. Beth

    I can’t say for sure. :)

    There are some pretty interesting stories. I need more facts though!

  4. sharon shaw

    So wot happeed at Bryant House? Is it haunted?


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