I called my doctor this morning and made an appointment to have him schedule an MRI for me. My right leg has been hurting for a few weeks, and I’m now having to take pain meds a few times a day. I had some xrays last week, which didn’t show any lesions. Hopefully, there’s nothing wrong, but an MRI has a better chance of showing anything else that could be causing the pain. Mostly, I worry about AVN. I also need to have him check my HGB A1C to make sure it’s not off the charts from all the dex.

In my 3 years since dx with MM, I have never had to take pain meds on regular basis. It’s just been on an as-needed basis, such as when I have a BMB.


  1. angie

    Hi Morgan,
    My Mom is on the rev/dex trial too. So far so good. We watched her numbers go from the 1400- 1600 range Nov, Dec, and Jan. down to the teens in Feb! She is very sleepy all of a sudden though. We’re thinking it’s because now that she is getting better she needs less pain med. What do you think?

  2. Jude

    so, what happened with the MRI. I had a terrible backache in January and thought oh oh, relapse. the MRI showed both my lumbar and thoracic region had healed some since Velcade/doxil. I still took the oxycodone until it didn’t hurt anymore. Feeling terrific 3/22/06


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