MRIs and Mutliple Myeloma and gadolinium, oh my!

Margaret’s blog has a few posts written about the use of gadolinium as a contrast agent.  I think it’s important for MM patients to know about this.  You can the read posts at her blog.  These are all the posts containing the word, “gadolinium.”
»The gadolinium used in MRIs makes myeloma cells proliferate

In other news, there’s not much going on.  Last week I got to participate in a local radio show with two of Moore County’s finest, Detective Sgt Donnie Shingleton and Sgt Tim Cameron, of the Moore County Sheriff’s Department.  The topic was home security, which included discussions about fraud.  My part was Internet fraud.  My words didn’t really come out right!

Ticket to Ride by Ed GormanI start a creative non-fiction class tomorrow, thanks to my sister, Rachel.  She’s encouraged me to git me some more learnin’ so’s I kin write better.

Monica and I are taping for another radio program this morning.  I’ll let you know how that one turns out.

How many of you bought Ed Gorman’s new book? If you haven’t gotten it yet, now’s a good time.  » Ticket to Ride by Ed Gorman.   He wrote something to me on the dedication page!


  1. robert art

    I learned that its use as a contrast agent for MRIs was approved in 1988 by the FDA, but it was only about 20 years later that the FDA issued a warning on five of the gadolinium-based contrast agents, which can be fatal for patients with moderate or severe kidney disease. Fatal?

  2. Beth

    I’ve had a few MRIs in the last several years. I know I had one with no contrast. I don’t know what if other one might have been with contrast. To play it safe, I’ll just make sure I don’t need any MRIs anymore!

  3. John

    Very cool Beth! Gorman has MM?

    I had an MRI with gadolinium last October before Margaret’s research came out. I have to laugh at the insanity of it all. Healthcare is such a reactionary journey, we learn the answers after turning in the exam.

    A creative NF course is ideal for learning craft.


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