My doctor is retiring

We recently learned that our local oncologist is retiring.  He’s 52 years old and has had it with the medical profession, citing increasing difficulties with insurance companies and litigious Americans as a few of the reasons for early retirement.  I’m really going to miss him.  He was probably the best doctor I ever had in my life. He shoots straight from the hip and tells it like it is.

I’ll continue with my quarterly visits to Duke and will see the replacement doctor at this local practice every few months.

No blood was drawn, so it’ll be September before I have any test results to share again. In the mean time, I’ll assume I’m still stable and myeloma will stay in the deeper recesses of my mind.  It’s been a pleasure to have been treatment free for almost a year now. I still have myeloma, but it’s been sitting still.


  1. idadome


    Know what a bummer this can be. Had a PCP that I really liked and seemed to be on top of things but he left town. It was after he left that I started having problems that led to my diagnosis with MM. The new dr. (even though he was an internist) had no clue.

    If I lost my local onc, I would be pretty bummed. He is a doll. Not long ago you lost Dr. Orlowski and now this. Hope you’re able to find someone else that is great.



  2. sunshine

    So sorry about your doctor. Sad for you.
    Wishing you stable blood work .. or better !! .. and a good relationship with a good new doctor.
    Cool media quote.

  3. jake

    Terrific news about your state of health. I am so glad!


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