My Duke Visit

The people at Duke were wonderful. I saw nurses, 2 doctors, a social worker and someone who went over all the insurance information with me. My blood was drawn and I was scheduled for a return visit after I complete one more cycle of Velcade and Doxil, which I started Tuesday.

Dr. Long says that I should start the process at the end of August and be finished by the end of September. They will collect more stem cells for the transplant and let the cells stay on ice at Wake Forest as a backup for later on. I won’t have to have more chemo for mobilization. We’ll use 2 types of injections for a week beforehand, then I’ll have a catheter surgically implanted for the collection and chemo/transplant a week later. There are no specific dates yet. I need to have all the usual tests to make sure I can safely get through it, which I’m sure is no problem.

My sister, Rachel, will be coming to Durham to help me through this for a couple of weeks. That’s a huge deal, because it means being away from family and running all the errands. I’ll need to be taken to the clinic each day to have drugs and transfusions as needed.

Since the procedure is outpatient, I am looking for a Reiki Master and someone to help with visualization during this time to help me get through it and possibly recover more quickly. I’m hoping they’ll be able to come to the apartment and I won’t have to go out for this.

I’m hoping that J will be able to do hers about the same time, so we can get through it together. I don’t know if many friends schedule theirs for the same time, so this might be a novelty.


  1. pvdubose

    Hi Beth,

    Is the ENTIRE procedure outpatient? Do you stay in an apartment and drive into the clinic everyday?
    Dave’s being admitted to the BMTU for probably a month. I’m told that he’ll have vitals taken every 4 hours – day and night.
    I like your way better !!! (if I’m understanding you correctly)

    wishing you the best, Patricia DuBose

  2. Margaret

    Hey Beth, I wish I were close by to help in some way. But since I cannot, let me echo Don’s sentiments, and also wish you a heartfelt “in bocca al lupo.” Go, Beth!
    Florence, Italy

  3. minnesotadon

    So glad that your visit went well. Sounds like you are getting more comfortable with the idea of the SCT – good for you. How WONDERFUL that Rachel can give you that time! I hope you can blog throughout the procedure.

    You are strong, Don


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