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My uncle Darryl Ramsey was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 Multiple Myeloma and was told that he has aprox 1 year to live.  However, my uncle feels that Chemo and Radation are a waste of time because he now knows he has been sick with Multiple Myeloma for over 10 years and thinks he is still here today because of the fact that he was the type of person to refuse going to doctors and he for years started jucing and eating better every day.  Like most people the first thing my uncle did was a Google search and he found nothing but grimm information.  I started because I wanted him and others like him to have access to information from other people so that him and others like him know about all the best treatments and have access to all the answers.  However, the hardest part of getting a sucessful forum started is getting people and content.  I am here to ask everyone to please sign up with as well because the more your stories are out there the more people we can help.



P.S. Beth your’re a sweetheart and thanks for the kind email and willingness to help.


  1. Richard1938

    I am now starting year 4 after being diagnosed with multiple myeloma (Stage I I suppose). I have not accepted any medication, radiation or chemo but instead started eating “vegan” and exercising and drinking lots of juice: 1/3 glass of carrot juice and 2/3 glass of vegetable juice (spinach, celery, parsey and chad) 6-8 times a day. I still have no symptoms except the presence of the cancer cells–no bone damage and my :scores” keep going down (in a good sense). Last bone survey showed healthy bones (again). My oncologist started out angry and is now amazed at my lack of cancer advancement. He is beginning to talk about me to his other patients. I have detailed this “journey” on my website

    Hopefully I can get registered here and start a blog!


  2. Monica

    Andy, you need to tell your uncle he does NOT have only a year to live…unless he choses that. My husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 Multiple Myeloma in July 2007. His organs were already shutting down – even his heart. He was hours from death. Since then, he has had chemo, 2 stem cell transplants and is feeling “normal”. He has 5+ years to live. No one knows how long anyone has. Treatment is worth the price you pay – the discomfort is controlled by an amazing array of drugs. I don’t know your uncle’s age, but unless he is over 80 and feeble, he should reconsider getting treatment. I know a 74 yr old man who just had a transplant last week and is doing fine.


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