Myeloma Planet – the list of every myeloma blog in the world

There’s a new list of myeloma blogs, which will make it easier to keep up on your favorite patient and caregiver blogs. It’s not really every myeloma blog in the world, but I’m trying.

If you want your blog to appear on the list, get in touch with me. Please know that  I can only add blogs that have an RSS feed and are written by patients or their caregivers.

Visit the planet » Myeloma blogs


  1. Sidney Hider

    Beth, You are my myeloma Queen.
    A great source of information to me.
    Myeloma bloggers are one big family.
    Your new list is hard to read. The text colour needs to be changed.

  2. Margaret

    Ditto. I check PM every day. Very useful.
    I would just add: you are fabulous!

  3. John

    Thanks for the work you do, Beth. This is an extremely important resource. I learn much more from patients than I do from doctors. We are the experts.


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