New Family Member

BuddyThere’s been a new addition to my family, and his name is Buddy. He’s a collie mix, with some really obvious collie features. I’m not sure what the other ingredients are. His head reminds me of the shape of a golden retriever or lab. I got him from the Collie Rescue of the Carolinas. He’s a very sweet dog of about 5 years of age. He’s stretched out on the floor now, after having investigated his new surroundings pretty thoroughly, including the back yard.

My back is aching from spending hours in the car today. That’s one of the things that’s really hard on me – driving or riding in the car. We went to Greensboro and picked up my nephew and then over to Winston-Salem to see Buddy. I kind of decided right on the spot that he was the dog for me. He’s such a nice boy! My poor cat is hiding out someplace now. I hope she adjusts quickly.

Tomorrow’s the start of another week. I have to have my INR tested tomorrow. I also have to fill my rx for Thalomid. Yes, that’s right. I’m on it for another month. I wanted to see about getting in a Revlimid trial. UNC isn’t participating in any. I think I want to look for a phase II trial though, because the phase III trial involves a placebo. I’m not sure I want to take that kind of chance! What if the MM advances while I’m just on monthly dex?