New Treatment Strategies for Multiple Myeloma

Dr. Hussein, at the Cleveland Clinic, has published some information in something called Peer View in Focus. The article of interest is called “New Treatment Strategies for Multiple Myeloma.”

Something that really caught my eye about DVD was this:

The median time to progression was 23.1 months, and the median survival had not yet been reached at 60 months. Progression-free survival was 42% at 2 years and 23% at 3 years. Two-year and 3-year survival rates are estimated to be 79% and 67%, respectively. Median follow-up among the patients still alive is 62.0 months (range, 50.9-70.3 months).

He also says he believes that DVD with Thalomid appears to be as effective as a single atuo transplant. That’s my interpretation – so please do read it and draw your own conclusions.

Here’s a link to the publication. I hope you’ll read it. Let me know what you think!