New York City

I posted a message on the mailing lists, looking for list members who live in the New York City area recently. The purpose of my inquiry was to pass on some information about a Focus Group that’s being arranged by Advanced Focus Research.
They are looking for MM patients and caregivers to attend. There are a few pre-qualifying questions they need to ask, so I am including some contact information below.

There are 2 compelling reasons to participate: 1) If you qualify, and you participate, they will pay you $150. 2) They will donate $100 to the IMF for every person who participates.

It takes place on Tuesday, June 5th at 11:45am, 5:45pm, or 7:45pm.

Please contact Melissa Goldstein, and please make sure to tell her you heard about it here from Beth so the IMF will get their donation.
212-696-4455 ext. 111

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