Diana Krall leads charity event for VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation … Canada NewsWire (press release) – Canada … L/BMT) Program of British Columbia is world-renowned for its care for people from across BC with cancers of the blood such as leukemia and multiple myeloma. …

Celgene’s Revlimid Has Upside Long-Term Potential <> Forbes – USA… of key events lie on the horizon for Celgene (nasdaq: CELG – news – people ), including the pending approval of Revlimid for multiple myeloma, expected by the …

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  1. Derek

    I have similar Ig A numbers to you and have been on the anakinra trial at Mayo for two years to maintain my smoldering condition. After adding 20 mg Dex once a week we got the IgA down to 500 last April and I had a stem cell collection for storage only. The mobilisation was very successful (15 million CD34 in four hours) and was done without cytoxan only GSF. I mention this only because cytoxan can damage DNA and like you I am trying to avoid as long as posssible anything that might produce further DNA damage in the myeloma. Thanks for your blog and good luck with the REv /DEx . I was offered this at Scripps but i dont think i need it just yet as I am still around IgA 700 with no symptoms and using only 8 mg Dex once a week plus daily anakinra shots.

    Derek Statham (760 634 2674)


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