Next appointment

I have my next appointment to check up on things on Tuesday at UNC. I’m going back to see Dr. Orlowski. I originally switched to Wake Forest so I could get Revlimid before it was approved by the FDA. There are a variety of reasons why I decided to go back to UNC.

Anyway, I haven’t had any treatment since the chemo in October, and this is the longest I’ve gone without since 2003. It feels wonderful not to be taking drugs, and I’m trying not to think about what the myeloma might be doing. I’m just trying to enjoy the time off, especially from steroids (dexamethasone).


  1. minnesotadon

    Hi Beth,

    I have myeloma too. Your test results indicate IgA Lambda light chain disease (I think) and mine is IgG Lambda light chain disease. Very similar test results, although my disease is still in an early stage and I have not had any symptoms yet. Just one round of treatment with thalidomide.

    You are very courageous in putting those test results on your blog. I hadn’t thought of that – perhaps I will too one day. For now I’m a runner and my blog is about running: .

    I wish you the very best in your next round of tests. And freedom from chemo. Go Beth!


  2. Jarek

    Hi Beth,
    I deeply understand your feeling. Dexamethasone experience was so bad.


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