No appointments today

Red Tea
I have no appointments today, and am over the effects of my weekly dex pulse, so I am going to enjoy the day. There are things I can do at the office, errands I can run and things to do around the house. My brother has been here fixing things and taking care of the yard, so there’s not a lot to do here. I’ll just start the day with some red tea.

When you have a disease that has the potential to kill you much sooner than you expected to go, you start thinking about things differently. You also think about things that never occurred to you before at all. I find myself being envious of older people. I wonder if they know how lucky they are to be 60 or 70 years old? Possibly not. I never appreciated my own good fortune. I took it for granted. The funny thing is, I now consider myself lucky! I even said that to my doctor yesterday. I am lucky that my MM was found before I became very sick or had broken bones. I’m lucky that I have a supportive family and staff at work. There are a lot of things to be grateful for.


  1. Giovanna

    Beth, I’m with you. When I was 22 and told I was going to die I have celebrated every birthday since then with pure happiness. Most people cringe at my age (44). I’m so delited that I’ve made it yet another year.

    I love you, my dear, sweet friend.

  2. Dan Bammes

    I’ve been following your blog and Jon Siegel’s blog. He hasn’t posted in a few days; of course, he’s in the hospital in the middle of his SCT. Sounds like it’s been a bit rough on him, and I understand why you’re not planning on it anytime soon.

    What’s remarkable is how closely your experience parallels my own. I can relate in a firsthand way to nearly all the issues you raise — especially not being able to sleep when you’re taking dexamethasone. I’m also using coumadin and I’ve been considering acupuncture as a possible treatment for the neuropathy in my hands and feet.

    Thanks for keeping up the weblog. It’s really helpful to those of us who are dealing with the same disease and similar issues.


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