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Nothing much is going on today. I have to run some errands and go in to the office for a little bit.

I forgot to take my thalidomide two nights in a row, and I’m still here. On the frst of November, I’ll start another four days of 40 mg of dex. I don’t mind doing it this way at all. It’s far easier on me than 40 mg a week was.

This is where I live. I’ve been here nearly 6 years years now (in this house). It was new when I moved in. I’m not much into home repairs, so an older house is not for me.
My house when it was just finished


  1. Beth

    Fall is a great time of year here. Summers can be too warm. I’m from Ohio, and never want to live where it snows in winter again!

  2. Robert

    That’s the way I remember Pinehurst — natural beauty everywhere : ) I lived in NC for five years before moving to DC for a few years, then back home to Dallas. I really enjoyed NC — although the number 2 course there at Pinehurst was never very nice to me, hehe.

    Your house looks awesome! Nice shot.

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