I haven’t been complying with treatment this month. Revlimid makes me feel pretty terrible, and I wanted to be able to help my mom through her surgeries and whatever other tx is needed. I do feel better in most ways, now that I’ve been off Revlimid for a month. I’m afraid to say that I didn’t tell anyone I was doing this. If I need to, I’ll go back on it in September. I don’t think it was doing much for me though. Just making me feel sick. I plan on having my stem cells collected soon, and they want the disease level as low as possible for that. I’m confused about whether the Cytoxan plays a role in that. I have an appointment with the “stem cell lady” next week, so I’ll find out. If I need to, I’ll do high dose dex again for a month or so. It seemed to work pretty well for me during January through April, but it was what I’d call a heinous treatment. I feel tired just thinking about it. Like I said before, I’m almost to a point where QOL on treatment is unpleasant enough to warrant a stem cell transplant.

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