North Carolina spider identification

Does anyone recognize this spider?  It was on my back yard fence last weekend.

Sept. 29, 2009:  I found out that this is a Silver-backed Argiope.

Is it even a spider?  In the photo (from my phone), I can’t distinguish 8 legs.

Shiny North Carolina Spider

One spider I found in my front yard is a black widow, I’m pretty sure.  I didn’t handle it. I captured it in a jar and then let it go in some woods.

North Carolina Black Widow Spider

Cell phone cameras are really handy, but the image quality isn’t so great.

Southern Pines North Carolina spiders


  1. cindy kassel

    oh my gosh!!! I just saw this spider entry…yuck! I am so scared of spiders! I’ve gotten better, but still have the fear. I nearly freaked with the black widow on your finger until I noticed it was in a jar!!!

    You are nice to release the spiders in the woods…I’m afraid I would have had to squash them..but probably wouldn’t or couldn’t get close enough to do so!!! They’re fascinating, I must admit.

  2. Melissa


    I was just looking to try and identify a little beast myself and I came across your post. The black one is definitely a black widow. They are very poisonous so you were very smart not to try and handle it. The picture of the first one is actually called a Saint Andrews Cross spider. Other wise known as a writing spider. They are actually pretty cool to look at. Do not fear when it comes to them. When they make a web they never leave it till they are done catching food then they move on to the next web place. They are always in the middle of their web. The cool thing about them is the thick web designs they make in the middle of their web. But they are non aggressive spiders! Hope that helps :)

  3. chris

    it’s called a yellow garden spider. they freak me out to this day but they’re harmless. actually very beneficial until they murder some rare moth that might have been they give endless instruction to curious kids who love to cast grasshopers into their webs and see what happens.

  4. Sammie

    I have been seeing the same spider around my place too!! That one is def a black widow!!

  5. Ashley Baker

    Hi Beth,

    WOW that car is a mess, glad to hear your cousin is okay!!!
    About the spiders, the one is got to be a black widow and let me know what you find out about the other one because I have a few of those around the Inn and I would love to know what they are and if they are dangerous especially because Sarah is very interested in bugs right now.

    Hope your nephew gets to feeling better really soon!



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