Not much to report

I haven’t posted much lately. Mostly, that’s because there’s nothing to report. My IgA was going up, and I changed my treatment a little bit to see if I could stabilize again. My IgA is in the mid-1400s now (in April & May). I’m now taking 40 mg dex and 50 mg of thalidomide weekly. Yes, just once a week for each. I don’t tolerate thalidomide very well, so I’m using the lowest possible dose that will keep me stable. Before, when I took 50 mg, and then 50 mg every other day after I began to experience neuropathy, I was able to stay on it about 10 months. Along with dex, it really did help me. I wish I could take more, but I don’t want any more nerve damage. You never know how much you appreciate your feet until they go numb! The joy of new shoes is lost forever.


  1. Bob Oberle

    P/S: I love the new color scheme – wild!

  2. Bob Oberle

    Howdy, M’Lady Beth! Not a whole heck of a lot to report on this side, either. I’ve been on 50mg of Thal since November, to (hopefully) keep the remission going, and it seems to be working. So for, I’m celebrating 27 months of CR, with no sign of The Beast. I have discontinued the Aridia, however, since I’ve had 3 teeth removed. Our MM support group had a wonderful speaker, Dr. Patrick Byrne of Georgetown U. Hosp speak on ONJ and he echoes Dr. Durie and the rest …. if possible, don’t mess with any extractions, and if you must, stop the Aridia/Zometa for 3 months. So far, no problems.
    I take it that you haven’t made up your mind about an SCT, as yet. I’m hoping that the lowdose Thal and Dex keep things under control for you.
    Keep the Faith!
    Best regards,
    Bob Oberle


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