Overbreeding/Killing of Greyhounds

If you have HBO, I hope you didn’t miss the last Real Sports. One of the segments draws attention to the killing of greyhounds that aren’t fast enough to win craploads of money for their owners. Thousands are killed every year. If you’re reading this, I’m hoping you’ll follow some of the links I’ve provided and decide to boycott greyhound racing. Let’s get this disgusting industry shut down.


Dog Fears

Despite the lack of a widespread fan base, and in the face of constant protests by animal rights groups, greyhound racing is a healthy industry in the U.S., with millions of dollars wagered each year at tracks in 15 states. Breeders in search of champion-caliber dogs produce thousands of greyhounds each year, a small percentage of which are deemed worthy of high-stakes races. When a dog is no longer profitable, there are few options for its future. Some find a home through adoption, but those who go unclaimed are destroyed. With the supply of dogs being bred far outweighing the demand, an alarming numbers of dogs are put down each year. Correspondent Bernard Goldberg, in collaboration with Sports Illustrated, takes a probing look at the world of greyhound racing.

Correspondent: Bernard Goldberg.
Source: http://www.hbo.com/realsports/

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