Panel: Rehire NC trooper shown kicking dog

Please read this story and then tell NC Governor Mike Easley’s office and the Department of Public Safety NOT to allow this officer to be reinstated!  In fact, ask them to see that he is criminally prosecuted!


Associated Press

A former North Carolina state trooper fired last year for kicking his police dog should get his job back, the state government personnel office has ruled.

The State Personnel Commission ruled Friday that the N.C. Highway Patrol failed to prove that Charles Jones’ actions amounted to personal misconduct, the News & Observer of Raleigh reports. The Commission also says Jones should get back pay.

Jones, a 13-year veteran, was fired from his state job last year after he was caught kicking his dog on a cell phone video. The former sergeant was shown suspending the dog from a railing and then kicking it at least five times.

He has been working as a police officer in Apex since earlier this year. A veterinary examination showed the dog, which has been retired from the patrol, was not injured.

The commission also ruled that the patrol lacked clear discipline standards for police dogs and found Jones’ actions were consistent with patrol practices. But the commission did rule that the Department of Crime Control and Public Safety had just cause to discipline Jones “for unacceptable job performance.”

The patrol initially planned to discipline Jones with a lesser penalty but fired him after the governor’s office got involved. Seth Effron, a spokesman for Gov. Mike Easley, referred questions Friday to the Public Safety Department.

Secretary Bryan Beatty had not seen the panel’s decision but “still believes that the Highway Patrol made the right decision in dismissing Jones, and that we will appeal the decision,” Highway Patrol Capt. Everett Clendenin said.


Information from: The News & Observer,


  1. Beth

    I hope I can find out when the next step takes place, because I’d like to be there with a group of people and some signs.

  2. Nancy Joy

    What a horrifying story. I don’t care if he’s a 20-year veteran who’s a week from retirement. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’m sending an email today!

  3. Beth

    The Department of Crime Control and Public Safety IS appealing the decision of the State Personnel Commission. The Department is appealing the case to the NC Superior Court.

  4. Denise

    Yep, just what the world needs is some sadistic nut case lacking even one ounce of
    compassion or civility with a gun and a badge. I think anyone cruel enough to harm
    animals(like these dog fighters) needs to be in jail for a good long time and every cent
    they own given to animal charities. This country needs justice for the critters!


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