Relatives can stink!

At this point in my life, the very most valuable thing I have is my medical coverage. One of of my business associates allowed a relative to be covered under our group plan, which caused an extra expense for our company. Eventually, after much foot dragging, the individual finally agreed to actually pay for her own insurance. This is after a tremendous amount of other charity was also given to the person. Tens of thousands of dollars, actually. Well, I found out a few months ago that having someone on your group plan when they don’t actually work for you is not allowed, and that, if our insurance company did an audit, we could lose our group plan. I IMMEDIATELY told my business associate, who supposedly told the parasite relative to find her own insurance.

It’s been 3 months now, and the stress has been killing me. I notified the person myself that the ride was over. In return, I received threats. I am still in jeopardy, and apparently, if I do go ahead and cancel her insurance, she’ll make sure we ALL lose our coverage. Nice, huh? I have contacted my attorney and am hoping he can get something done about this. This leach relative happens to be an attorney also, so I am looking to have the state bar notified about her fraudulent use of our group plan and her threats. Yes, this person is related to me too. Apparently she doesn’t give a crap that I am afflicted with cancer and can’t get covered by anyone else if I ever lose my insurance.

This is a bad, bad person.

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