I saw Dr. P last week and we talked about the low phosphorus problem I have. He considered it very low, and prescribed something called Neutra-Phos-K for me. I dropped it off at my pharmacy, and it STILL hasn’t been filled! They say it’s out of stock. He said the mineral deficiency is due to bone loss from the high dose steroids I’ve been on for the last 4 months. I haven’t researched that yet to better understand the process. I just know that I don’t feel very well sometimes, and I think having this rx would help me. I need to pin the pharmacy down on a delivery date. Thursday I’m supposed to have another blood test!

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  1. Beth

    A quick note about the phosphorus supplement. My insurance doesn’t pay for this stuff! It’s considered a nutritional supplement, and those aren’t covered by my plan. I had to pay $185 for it.


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